Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A quick one for John Mellencamp...

"Suckin' on chili dogs"?
Why you not bite, my friend?
Must be an Indiana thing.

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Lyrics to Jack 'n Diane here.


  1. While you're at it, could you ask about dribbling off the bobby brooks, please? Peel off, take off, remove...those would work. Again, perhaps an Indiana thing?

  2. Well I don't even know what the hell "bobby brooks" are. Is it some kind of trouser? I hope it's not underpants. Dribbling off underpants is gross. Even in Indiana.

  3. Back in Ohio (where I'm from) they were THE cool label of the time (see:Ohio)so no need to gross out, they were pants...probably light pink or yellow...maybe plaid...

  4. Perhaps Jack & Diane have their jaws wired shut or are involved in some sort of unfortunate braces versus headgear tragedy? Hence chewing on chili dogs would become untenable.

  5. Yes, he left out the word "smoothie" as it didn't meter out right. Same reason he dropped "Cougar".