Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A question for Steely Dan...

Rockmocker reader, M.A., writes:
How exactly does one stow away time? I'm not sure I get "reelin' in the years" either.
Excellent question, M.A.! Becker and Fagen were always a tad too cerebral for the rockmocker (other than naming their band after a strap-on dildo--that I understand.) I can only posit that the song has something to do with fishing. As for time-stowing devices, see Jim Croce. (not to worry, both links above are SFW)

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Reelin' In the Years, live from '78
(BTW, that's "Skunk" Baxter on guitar, ex-Steely Dan, ex-Doobie Brother, current member of Congressional Advisory Board on missle defense. Huh?)

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  1. Additional question for Steely Dan:

    If my summer is everlasting, why would I see it fading fast?

    And comment: I don't think Jim Croce can actually stow time, but he has some ideas of what he would do if he could.