Thursday, December 17, 2009

A question for Head East...

"I've been walking behind you since you've been able to see.
There's never been any reason for you to think about me."

Never been any reason for me to think about you? 
Dude, you have been walking behind me since I’ve been able to see. Do you appreciate how that could freak a person out after a few decades. I’d say there are plenty of reasons for me to think about you. And, quite frankly, probably grounds for a restraining order.

Btw, I crashed my mom’s oldsmobile to this song in 1987. On a date with Cecilia. Not important, really. Just sharing. Guess that’s why every time it comes on the radio I want to steer into something.

Full lyrics to Never Been Any Reason here.
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Ladies and gentlemen, the pride of South Central Illinois...Head East! (The video is crappy but the audio's okay.)

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