Friday, December 4, 2009

A question for The Hollies...

re: Hey Carrie Anne
When we were at school our games were simple.
I played the janitor, you played a monitor.

What the hell kind of game is that?

Simple games:
1. Checkers
2. Candyland
3. Chutes and Ladders

More complex games:
1. Chess
2. Stratego
3. Janitor/Monitor (A role-playing game wherein a "schoolgirl" who mistakes a randy "maintenance man" for a truant student must chase him down and administer cloakroom discipline of a decidedly non-parochial nature.)

"You're like a woman to me." 
I love that line. So like a woman, and actual fact, what? A yeti?

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Ladies and gentlemen, The Hollies!  (1969, post Graham Nash)


  1. Maybe he played the janitor and she played a monitor lizard, in which case perhaps the game involved him chasing her around with a club or neck snare. Or maybe she really was a monitor lizard, in which case the "so like a woman" line makes more sense, especially if the lizard was wearing hair extensions or a dress or something, as my lizard sometimes does.

  2. How could I have missed that? Another mystery solved here that Rockmocker Command Center. Thanks for sharing, Dan. Enjoy the weekend with your cold-blooded lady friend.