Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A question for Kevin Cronin, from the subject of "Keep on Lovin' You"...

Kevin, you make it perfectly clear that you’re going to keep on loving me, that it’s the only thing you want to do, that you don’t want to sleep, etc. I appreciate that.
That said, do you really think it was necessary to remind me, again, that you know “all about those men” and allude to me as a snake in the grass “all coiled up and hissin(g)?”  In other words, even though I’m a whore and snake, you’re gonna keep on loving me. Thanks. Love you, too. Ass.

Do yourself a HUGE favor and watch this vid w/in a vid. It will be the best 3 minutes, 51 seconds of your day. Trust me. 
 Kevin Cronin=Least Masculine Rock Frontman Ever (Freddie Mercury included.)

Keep On Lovin' You lyrics here.
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  1. Wow...I totally did NOT see that twist coming at the end! I'm gonna keep on watching that video. I don't wanna sleep. I just wanna keep on watching it.

  2. I know, I totally didn't realize it was the same woman...until she let her hair down. Like a Scooby Doo unmasking moment.

  3. Wow I'm really happy I kept on watching to the end. I almost gave up on it, but what a payoff.

  4. Yeah, I knew that was going to happen, because I heard from a friend who heard it from a friend who heard it from another that it was the same woman.

  5. Oh, yesss...I will address that song in a future post. Like this one, it is oddly passive-aggressive. A) "I don't believe it." B) "I don't want you around."

  6. I forwarded the video to my bud at musician's friend. I'm gonna see if he can get that cable that connects their guitar player directly to my phone.