Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I hate to bother you again, Stevie Nicks...

It's about Landslide. I know everybody loves this song--especially the ladies--and I don't mean to be petty, it's just... I've spent a fair amount of time in the mountains. I've looked at a lot of snow, but I have yet to see my reflection. Shadow? Certainly. Reflection? No. I read that you wrote this song in Aspen, but I've looked at Aspen snow too. Nothing. Tell me, Stevie Nicks, where does one find reflective snow?

Also, minor point and I hate to quibble, but you say you saw your reflection "in the snow covered hills till a landslide brought it down". If the hills are snow covered, wouldn't it be an avalanche rather than a landslide that brought it (your reflection) down?

Also, still waiting on that Edge of Seventeen answer. Thanks, Stevie. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Lyrics to Landslide here.
Read about the distinction between avalanches and landslides here.

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Okay, ladies. Here she is. Doing Landslide with Lindsey B. Apparently they had a bit of thing once.


  1. Excellent questions. Two further inquiries on the subject of that song: if Stevie had managed to find that elusive reflective snow and was standing there checking herself out: A. Wouldn't she have buried up to her ethereal twirls when the landslide/avalanche came down? And B: Would that have been a bad thing for the world at large?

  2. Leave her alone. She's from Arizona and probably didn't know much about snow when she wrote the song. I love her, love the song and love Fleetwood Mac!

  3. See, dude...I knew this would happen. You pushed it too far. You do NOT mess with the MAC, and esp. not the gypsy queen. Anonymous, no one meant to offend. Please do not mobilize your wiccan army against the rockmocker.

  4. Perhaps in this case, the 'snow' she is referring to is of the Bolivian Marching Powder variety (which we all know she had quite the penchant for)? In which case it could all be a metaphor for drug abuse...