Thursday, January 7, 2010

A question for Foreigner...

re: Double Vision
Feelin' down 'n dirty. Feelin' kinda mean.
I've been from one to another extreme.
Dear Foreigner,
Don't mean to be nitpicky, but "down 'n dirty" and "kinda mean" don't strike me as particularly antipodal ways of feelin'. I'd say the terms are more complementary than contradictory.
If you truly have been "from one to another extreme," wouldn't it be more accurate--and no less rhymey--to say:
Feelin' down and dirty. Feelin' up and clean.
or perhaps,
Feelin' rather friendly. Feelin' kinda mean.
Opposites, you know? From one to another extreme. 
Also, Foreigner, you might want to check out this t-shirt. I think somebody owes you money for this one.
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