Thursday, January 14, 2010

A question for Jon Anderson...

Rockmocker reader, J.H. has a question for Jon Anderson of YES. He writes:
How did the "gold stainless nail" get "torn through the distance of man"?
And what the hell is a "Siberian Khatru"--a particularly incoherent sneeze
that comes from the kind of cold you catch there?

Whoa. Those are pretty heady questions, J.H.! I'm afraid they're way out of the Rockmocker's sphere of expertise, so we'll have to wait for Mr. Anderson to respond.
Huh. No response. Maybe some clues will emerge if we look more closely at the lines in question:

Gold stainless nail,
Torn through the distance of man
As they regard the summit.
Even Siberia goes through the motions.
Hold out and hold up;
Hold down the window.                                        
Hold out the morning that comes into view.
River running right on over my head.

Huh. Running right over my head too. Do hold down the window, though. I think I might hurl.

Full lyrics to Siberian Khatru here. Warning: it only gets weirder.
Five things you should know before adopting a Siberian Husky here!

Anyway, thanks for the question, J.H. I'll send an alert the minute Mr. Anderson responds!
How about you? Got a pressing question for a classic rocker?
Don't hold it in! Send it to the Rockmocker.

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  1. How apropos. I just dug out my old Yes cds and loaded them into iTunes for kick. There are only a few of their songs that hold up for me, and this, oddly, is one of them. The lyrics are inane, but his song rocks - especially live on Yessongs. Did I really just write that? Sheesh, I'm getting old...