Friday, February 5, 2010

A reader question for The Who...

Whoa... The Rockmocker apologizes for the looong delay between posts! While I cannot divulge the location, for the last several days I was attending--okay, I was keynote speaker at--a Monsters of Classic Rock summit meeting in Reykjavic, Iceland...oops! I divulged. ...Anyway, amazing what you learn when the masks come off and you're just "hanging out" with superstars. You might be interested to know, for instance, that Ric Ocasek is actually a quite handsome man who stands 5'3", Sir Elton John loves John Wayne movies and squirting Cristal through the gap in his teeth, and Jim Morrison is planning a comeback for 2012 in honor of the Mayan apocalypse. Oh! I've said too much.

While I was away reader questions have literally been figuratively stacking up, so let's get right to it!
We're all looking forward to seeing The Who perform at the Superbowl on Sunday--mostly to see if Roger Daltrey has the temerity to sing the line, "I hope I die before I get old", which according to actuarial tables should actually be amended to, "I hope I'm now dead."

Today's question comes from Rockmocker reader, D.R., who writes:
Dear The Who,

Nothing looks any different in the street? Really? Even with the slogans replaced, the parting on the left now parting clear over on the right and everybody's beards so much longer than they were yesterday? I just don't think you're paying attention, dude. And by the way, if you really need to fight in the streets, maybe you should put your children someplace safer than at your feet. 

Excellent and insightful question, D.R.! Clearly, The Who is not paying attention to the situation on the street. Sounds to me like they are ripe for being fooled again!
And what is it about rockers that makes them want to put their children in harm's way? Granted, The Who does say later in the song that he will "move myself and my family aside," but that's only if they happen to be left half alive. Oh rockers, will you ever learn about child safety?

Well, readers, enjoy the mini-concert on Sunday and be sure to watch this space for more updates from the Monsters of Classic Rock conference. Late in the evening, Stevie Nicks whispered something in my ear that you just will not believe...

Below: The Who (sigh) when they were The Who...
Won't Get Fooled Again
Parting on left/parting on right line at 4:40
Solos start at 5:45 and mercifully end with...
The Scream at 7:50
Instrument destruction at 8:40. Thank you.

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  1. I just can't mock this...even the powerslide in slow-motion during Daltry's scream. Granted they sounded a lot tighter at Leeds (and less coked up) but it's the frickin' Who.


  2. Yeah, but that Super Bowl half time show was sooo sad. Shoulda died before they got old perhaps.

  3. Fairly certain that that's the 'party on the left' and 'party on the right' which makes just a /titch/ more sense.