Monday, February 8, 2010

Rock is dead.

We don't traffic in concert reviews here at Rockmocker Central Command, and after seeing/feeling/touching/healing yesterday's half-time extravaganza, it's just as well. No slipped nipples, thankfully. No denim-clad crotch-into-camera slides. Just flashes of Pete's white belly whilst nominally windmilling and two rock and roll heroes attempting the impossible--to live up to their legacy. Everyone in the world over 40 feels older today. Except for Pete and Roger who feel richer.

Anyhow, before we dismiss The Who entirely, I do have one quick parting question for them:

re: Long Live Rock
How are you so sure that you were "the first band to vomit in the bar and find the distance to the stage too far"? I know many bands have had and continue to have that problem, and I'm not saying it didn't happen to you, but first? What about The Spinners? Or the Electric Prunes? Or Badfinger? They all seem likely to have vomitted in the bar. How about Dizzy Gillespie? Hot Tuna? The Acid Reflux Experience? (Okay. I made that last one up.)

Also, did you always vomit as a band? How do you synchronize that?

Lyrics to Long Live Rock here.
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  1. I definitely felt a little older after the halftime show...and a lot drunker. I had to drink away the pain caused by watching rock legends butcher classics, trying to hit notes and not even coming close. I was the sad man behind blue (and bloodshot) eyes. Not that anyone knows what that's like.

  2. Now now, Anonymous. Be strong. I suspect that your dreams aren't quite as empty as your conscience seems to be. Whatever the hell that means.