Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A question for Steve Miller...

If you wanted so badly to be with your sweet baby, why didn't you just go directly from Phoenix, Arizona to northern California (about 820 miles to Sonoma County) rather than going via Tacoma, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and L.A. (approx. 7,908 miles)?
(click map to enlarge)

You practically went through northern California on the way to Tacoma from Phoenix!

It even rhymes.

I went from Phoenix, Arizona directly to Sonoma 
so I could be with my sweet baby, yeah.

Keep On Rocking Me, Baby lyrics here.

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  1. And, Steve Miller, while "suspicious" is certainly not the easiest word in the world to rhyme, couldn't you have done better than rhyming it with itself? Perhaps something like: "Don`t get suspicious,
    fish sticks are delicious" or "Don`t get suspicious, this song is fictitious". See how that improves things?

    Just saying.

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  3. I support any suggestions that would make a Steve Miller Band song shorter. A statue should be built in your honor, sir!

  4. Lets maybe give him the benefit of the doubt and assume sweet baby was dodging him. Maybe she was traversing the country saying "goddam -WHY can't I lose this guy??" He probably misunderstood (musician-deafness y'know): "quit your stalking me baby..."

  5. Dear Rockmocker,

    As an environmentally sensitive kind of guy, I think we all need to encourage Steve to reign in that carbon footprint!!! Surely Sweet Baby will agree with that suggestion.

  6. Looks to me like Steve was just adding segments to whore up the old airline miles. He must have been looking to get Premier Executive on United